Our 4 year curriculum provides a diverse group of inpatient and ambulatory rotations in a variety of settings. The academic year is comprised of thirteen 4-week blocks with residents changing discipline every 3 to 4 blocks, with one block of vacation annually.  The 4-week block scheduling provides added flexibility over the traditional 1-month scheduling allowing for additional elective rotations.   

Our inpatient curriculum experiences are located in Tertiary and Quaternary care institutions, with a balance between our 4 hospitals: Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Children's Hospital, The University of Miami Hospital and the Miami VA Medical Center. Our four different locations provide comprehensive clinical practice experience in public, private, federal and community-based settings. All of our institutions are conveniently located on the same campus, which has its own nickname and Metrorail stop – the Health District.

Our ambulatory curriculum experiences are located in both on-campus and community based settings. Our Med-Peds continuity practice is housed in our hospital ambulatory care center and residents have community-based ambulatory experiences scheduled annually with a variety of community partners. More information about these rotations is located in the “In the community” section of our website. Additionally, our program has several established sites for training in global health in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia and Africa. Residents are allowed 1 away elective block per year without the requirement for use of vacation or personal time.

We have several special tracks including the Med-Peds Global Health Track, an Urban Health Track and a Primary Care track.  We tailor the four-year curriculum to meet your specific career goals and the majority of our structured pathways were created in conjunction with resident needs and desires in mind. 

Our program provides residents with full access to both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Ambulatory Care Curriculum from Johns Hopkins University.  Residents are expected to complete modules independently throughout the duration of their 4-year residency and are held accountable through monthly check-ins.  Residents are highly encouraged to form small study groups and can even meet during our weekly study hour in the chief's office to complete the modules.