The Health District Campus functions as a referral center for South Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. This wide distribution allows for a combination of training not only in local illnesses, but international pathology unique to this area of the world. As a County Hospital system, we have the privilege to serve a patient population with significant needs and to advocate for their well-being.


Where to live in Miami

Brickell is the financial center of Miami and is generally the most popular place for residents to live.  It is what makes up what many now consider one of the more memorable skylines of North America and consists of condos built since 2005.  These condos are famous for their world-class amenities and unbeatable views of Biscayne Bay and greater Miami.  For those looking for an urban center with a vibrant restaurant and bar scene, Brickell is ideal.  Mary Brickell Village is hopping every day of the week and is right at your doorstep.  The Metro also runs through Brickell allowing easy access to both the hospital and the airport.  Prices generally range between $1,500-1,800 month.  Buildings that are popular include: The Plaza, Icon, 1500/1600 Brickell, Ivy, Wind, and Axis to name a few.

South Beach
Many residents choose to follow The King’s lead and “take their talents to South Beach”.  Actually living on south beach is very different from the images that the Kardashians and Snookie connotate of thumping house music, clubbing, and spring breakers.  In reality, most residents of “the beach” see it more as a quiet ocean-side community.  Most “beach people” own a bike or mo-ped and once they pull their car into the garage on weekends it remains there.  Free time is spent people-watching on Lincoln Road, jogging along South-Pointe Park and the beach, and free outdoor concerts and movies at the New World Symphony.  Prices generally range from $750-1200 for a house/duplex or between $1,200-2,800 for a condo.  However, the buildings on the beach are older than those in Brickell and you generally don’t get the same “bang for your buck”.  Most choose to live along West Ave on the bay and live in The Floridian, The Waverly, The Flamingo, or the Mirador.  Although there is no public transportation from the beach to the hospital, it is a quick 5-10 min commute down the Macarthur Causeway with cruise ships, celebrity homes, and water on either side.

North Beach
For those who want to enjoy the white sand beaches and chill atmosphere of Miami Beach without paying the South Beach prices, there's North Beach. Starting around roughly 41st street, this area is home to a variety of different styles of living (home, apartment, and large condo). There are more waterfront options because the intercostal waterways begin to flow in this area. Prices generally range from $750 - 2500, with the higher end of the spectrum being a luxurious condo building with full amenities and a 24-hour concierge. The trip to Jackson is generally a little longer from this area - you need to budget 30-45 minutes to ensure an on-time arrival for work (unless you're on a rotation that requires you to be at the hospital at the crack of dawn). Free time can be spent enjoying the plethora of restaurants and maxing on the beach and sunshine.

Midtown/Design District
This is the new up and coming area of Miami.  Those looking for the amenities and glitz of Brickell without the price tag should look here.  It is an easy 5-10 minute commute from the hospital.  This area is quickly becoming a trendy area of Miami known for fine dining and art galleries.  One of the most popular events is the monthly Wynwood Art Walk in which an army of food trucks descend on the Design District and the art galleries open up to the public with free wine.  It is also famous for the annual international art festival, Art Basel.

Coconut Grove
This area affectionately known as “The Grove” is famous for its laid back atmosphere, bayside yacht clubs and boating, and relaxed dining and bar scene (standard dress at most restaurants consists of flip flops and a dripping bathing suit). The Grove is more reminiscent of a college town than a neighborhood in the middle of a bustling metropolis.  Free time in the grove can be spent going to nearby beaches at Key Biscayne, visiting Viscaya (a mansion built by a Robber Baron at the turn of the 20th century), or taking sailing lessons.  The Grove is more of a neighborhood and is mostly made up of stand-alone homes. It is the ideal location for those with a family or at least a dog with its multiple parks for the whole family. The distance to the hospital is also not much further than Brickell to the hospital.